Post Conquest

Codex Aubin_Fol.43v-44r.jpg

The written account of the Spanish conquest, fols. 43v-44r. 

Codex Aubin_Fol.66v-67r.jpg

Single-year historical accounts, told largely through text. Fols. 66v-67r.

The post-conquest pages of the Aubin return to the style of dense text and few images, using the gloss to explain the Spanish conquest and the violence that ensued. Rather than using existing symbols or describing the events pictorially, the creators of the Aubin once again turned to written text to explain situations of war, seen in the dense description of the conquest just following the image of the battle

Following these almost exclusively text-filled pages, the year count resumes, but continues to have large blocks of text. As the post-conquest years were full of many changes to the cultural, political, and economic structures of pre-conquest Tenochtitlan, the scribes clearly thought it necessary to explain these changes through text. Towards the end of the year-count, the five-year-per-page pattern is broken in favor of a one-year-per-page pattern, seen in folios 66v and 67r, allowing a more detailed textual description for the most recent years to those doing the writing.